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Si Stultus Es, Cur Curam?

A War on Twelve Fronts

Schoolboy Militants for Life
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'so'-ness, 1915, abuse, adulterous homosexual affairs, airmen boyfriends, angst, arras, arthur/lancelot, avoiding lytton strachey, baffling laughter, battle of the somme, being incredibly married, bethune, billet theatre, blood, boysluts, boysmut, british war poets, brooke/sass, bubblegum, captains, cherries, cigarettes, cocaine, confession, courage, craiglockhart, cream buns, crooked smiles, cymr, dancing, david/jonathan, death, edmund blunden, effusions, eloping, father sass, feeder, fierce possessiveness, first world war, firstkisses, flook, fourity, france, french, gay issues, gay marriage, gay rights, gayboy soldiers, gayboys, ghosts, glen byam shaw, god, great gold-flecked leonine eyes, great liquid eyes, heavenly business meetings, hideous ceilings, holocaust, holy month, idlewild, ireland, jackboots, jackie, jezebel, judaism, kissing, lancaster gate, lawrence of arabia, loneliness, lovemaking, married quarters, matchbox twenty, meaulte, midnight phonecalls, mons, morphine, nazi porn, nests, neurasthenia, new york, old cars, orgasm, passchendaele, pianos, public school boys, quarries, radio 4, regeneration, rentboys, robert graves, robert-cat, robert/sass, romance, rupert brooke, sassons, scandalous nude portraits, schoolboy militants, september mist, sex, sherston, siegfried sassoon, soft-mouthed boys, soldierboys, soldierpoets, soldiers, soulmates, suicide, swing music, syringes, te lawrence, teenage officers, the one true love, the royal welch fusiliers, the sassoon dynasty, the somme, the ss, the ugliness, theresa sassoon, tolerance, tom mcrae, treblinka, trench fever, trench slash, true love, twoness, unrequited love, uranianism, voyeurism, w.h.r. rivers, wales, war poetry, war poets, wedding rings, western front, world war one, writing, you've been everything, ypres